Monday, November 22, 2010

The Four Gratitudes

The Four Gratitudes

As we celebrate thanksgiving we remember & give thanks to all who have contributed to our lives.

In Aikido we are reminded of this daily. In our training we consider the principle of the Four Gratitudes.

Gratitude toward:
I. The Universe/Divine-the source of all life.
II. Our Ancestors & Parents who are responsible for our existence.
III. Nature which provides daily sustenance.
IV. Other human beings who help us in our daily lives as contributors to our society.

Thanks to all who have contributed to my life.


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

2 Minute video of Alice

Here is a two minute video of Alice. Catch what she says about the need for food and what is in your mind.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Alice Dancing Under the Gallows


Alice is the oldest living Holocaust survivor getting ready to celebrate her 107th birthday this month.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

"As you change your thinking and bring it into line with Truth principles, a transformation will take place in your consciousness. Your mind will become keen, awake, alert, illumined, and your body temple will be filled with new life. You will be inspired with new and practical ideas that will enable you to succeed in a larger way."
Myrtle Fillmore