Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Now sung by Emilio Zarris


Enjoy this video a great inspiration for a New Year!

Friday, January 10, 2014

God's ideas are yours, James A. Decker

As you consider your goals, wishes or dreams for 2014 I trust you will find James Decker's words of help.

Here's to your "Year of Radical Living!"

Without any previous experience whatsoever, with nothing to your credit but faith in God, you get the ideas that will change lack to abundance, failure to success, poverty to riches, in harmony to harmony, a dull, humdrum existence to an exciting, thrilling, new way of life.

Try it. Try it right now. Use whatever affirmation you wish to turn your mind to God: "God the good is all there is," or "God is," or "thy will be done." Once you are free of the little, inconsequential, conflicting fragments that habitually pass for thoughts in the minds of most of us, apply your real thoughts consciously to whatever you want to achieve. Perhaps you will get a brilliant, thrilling idea within a few minutes. Perhaps the idea you confidently seek will spring into your consciousness tomorrow morning, after your subconscious mind has put in its work tonight.

All you have to do now, all you ever have to do, is to start thinking, with faith that you are attuned to the infinite mind of God. When you do this you cannot fail; you can only succeed; you can go in only one direction -- forward; your life will know no more of lack, but only prosperity; you will exchange disharmony, worry, envy, fear, and all the other troubling, upsetting emotions for the perfect balance of a life that is in divine order and adjustment. All this you will achieve, because God's ideas are yours.

Friday, January 03, 2014

UnityTeacher.com is a link....

"UnityTeacher.com is a link 
in the spiritual movement begun by Jesus Christ:
Our object is to discern the truth of the teachings
 of Jesus Christ and share them.

The truth we teach is not new;
 Neither do we claim special revelations
Or discovery of new religious principles.
Our purpose is to help and teach mankind
to use and prove, 
The eternal truth taught by the Master."
John Zenkewich

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy New Year! This is the Year!

This Is The Year
by Russell Kemp

Wonderful, wonderful, fortunate you, 
This is the year that your dreams come true!
 This is the year that your ships come in;
 this is the year you find Christ within. 

This is the year you are glad to live; 
this is the year you have much to give.

This is the year when you know the truth; 
this is the year when you find new youth.

This is the year that brings happiness; 
this is the year you will live to bless.

Wonderful, wonderful, fortunate you, 
this is the year that your dreams come true!