Saturday, January 08, 2011

Three Stages of Spiritual Practice

Three Stages of Spiritual Practice

Stage 1 Preparatory Stage. The student thinks that she is practicing, but actually she is preparing herself for the practice. Her  practice consists of collecting the necessary means and resources to begin and to stay on the path.

Stage 2:Intermediate stage: A student is fully equipped with all the resources he needs to practice. His time and energy are not involved in collecting means and learning methods, rather he spends his time in practice.

Stage 3 - achievement: At this stage, a student experiences the Truth. She may have only a momentary glimpse of the Truth, but at least it is a direct experience, which helps her understand the greatness of the Truth. Now, her practice consists of trying to maintain that state. As her practice matures, she becomes an adept; then she need not try, for the experience of Unity is maintained effortlessly and spontaneously. 

You really do not need to know many things, 
but you need to practice what you know.