Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Below is a beautiful poem written by Swami Veda Bharati, with a story from Paul Emerson:

When my father died in 2006 Swami Veda gifted me with the following poem. With my mother's recent passing on Friday and Swami Veda's own passing this Monday it seems an especially appropriate sentiment.


The breath becomes one
With all the fragrant breezes,
One's little earth joins the vast expanse.
Prana merges into lightning,
The eyes now dwell in the core of the sun.
Boundaries have been demolished
And the soul is no longer held fast, fettered.
The being now takes a walk in open cosmic fields,
A flight through obstacle-free skies.

Those who are left behind
Yet confined within the boundaries of tangibles;
Not knowing the pleasure of subtle intangibles,
Irrigate the fields of the past with liquid pearls.
But the one who has flown
Is now planting fresh crops into the fields of his future.

Do not bind him to your fetters now.
Rejoice if you cannot in his freedom,
Cherish the paths traversed through the flourishing greens,
Claim no more his future harvest.
He paid all his debts before leaving,
Now claim him no more.

May the flowers of his wisdom
Remain a treasure in your mind vase.
May your wisdom guide your ever flowing sentiment
Into an ocean-ward channel,
Into a God-ward flowing stream.