Monday, December 22, 2014

A Christmas Blessing

We hope to see you at our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 7:30 pm @ 38 Old Country Road Garden City NY 11530.

A Unity Christmas Blessing
We bless you at Christmas with a merry heart, a heart that sings its own songs of gladness, a heart that catches the rhythm of life, a heart that is lifted, a heart that lifts up all other hearts.

We bless you at Christmas with perfect health. God is your life; in Him you live. His strength flows in you renewing, restoring, and making whole every part of you. God bless you at Christmas with perfect health. God heals you now.

We bless you at Christmas with supply. What are your needs? God is the answer. God is your supply at Christmas time. He enriches your thoughts; he prospers your affairs… Christmas is a rich season, a giving season, a receiving season. God bless you at Christmas with supply; God fill your life full to overflowing with all good things.

We bless you at Christmas with a loving spirit. With every gift you give, with everything you do to make Christmas a happy time, give the greatest gift of all you can give love.

You have a wealth of love from which to give, a view of God's own love within your heart. God's love cannot be depleted. It increases with use, God bless you at Christmas with the loving spirit that reaches out and blesses all family, friends, salespersons, bus drivers, everyone along your way.

We bless you at Christmas with fulfillment of your heart’s desire. What is the desire of your heart? Your true heart's desire is to be completely whole, a completely happy person. Your true heart's desire is to be free, to be wise, to be loving, to be understanding.
Your true heart's desire is to have a feeling of belonging, of being needed, of being worthy, of being loved. Your true heart's desire is to be as God created you a perfect spiritual being.

God bless you with the courage and the faith to be the radiant being God revealed to you as his beloved child.

We bless you at Christmas.
 We behold the Christ in you!

John, Suzanne, 
and your Friends at Unity Long Island

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! enjoy th music

Friday, August 15, 2014

Connecting with Spirituality, Karen Berg

 I received this from Karen Berg of the Kabballah Center and thought it was a good thing for all of us to remember.

In Unity

Connecting with Spirituality
Friday August 15, 2014
In this world, people are judged by race, money, status, religion, and a thousand other criteria that society imposes on us. As spiritual human beings, however, we need to push ourselves to have a different consciousness.

Spirituality is believing that everyone has the right to draw spiritual energy and to bring that energy into their lives and the lives of others. Spirituality is understanding that the Light force of the Creator transcends the physical world. Spirituality is realizing that the Light exists in each and every one of us. Spirituality is about caring for the welfare of others and not just looking out for ourselves. 

When this is our consciousness, we can arrive at a place where we have a sense of unity with our neighbor and the blessing of Light in our lives and in the world.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The Wonderful Spirit That Is In You.

"Something in you knows that you are greater than anything you have yet experienced or expressed. This inner knowing, this feeling of potential greatness, is the spirit of God in you trying to break through. It is like sunlight that may be temporarily hidden behind clouds; but the clouds cannot take away the light. Nothing can erase or lessen the bright, glorious, wonderful spirit that is in you."
Martha Smock

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Jesus The Craftsman..

From the series "Ten Things to Know about Jesus," from CatholicTV: Jesus worked. Important to remember since it's so often forgotten. Video Here

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Getting started, the hardest thing to do?

Thanks you to Greg of TODO Institute for sharing this.

Sometimes the greatest challenge is to actually begin: there is something deep in us that conspires with what wants to remain within safe boundaries and stay the same. Years ago my neighbor here set out to build his new home. He had just stripped the sod off the field to begin digging out the foundation when an old man from the village happened to come by. He blessed the work and said, "You have the worst of it behind you now." My neighbor laughed and said, "But I have only just begun." The old man said, "That's what I mean. You have begun; and to make a real beginning is the most difficult act."

There is an old Irish proberb that says, "Tus maith leath na hoibre -- a good beginning is half the work." There seems to be wisdom here, when one considers all the considerations, hesitation, and uncertainty that can claim our hearts for such a long time before the actual act of beginning happens.

from To Bless the Space Between Us by John O'Donohue

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What is Scientific Prayer?

Here is an essay from Emmet Fox:

Scientific prayer or spiritual treatment is really the lifting of your consciousness above the level where you have met your problem. If only you can rise high enough in thought, the problem will solve itself. That is really the only problem you have-- to rise in consciousness. The more “difficult” which means more deeply rooted in your thought, is the problem concerned, the higher you will have to rise. What is called a small trouble will yield to a slight rise in consciousness. What is called a serious difficulty will require a relatively higher rise. What is called a terrible danger or hopeless problem, will require a considerable rise in consciousness to overcome it, but that is the only difference.

Do not waste time trying to straighten out your own or other people's problems by manipulating thought, that gets you nowhere, but raise your consciousness, and the action of God will do the rest.
Jesus healed sick people and reformed many sinners by raising his consciousness above the picture they presented. He controlled the winds and the waves in the same way. He raised the dead because he was able to get as high in consciousness as is necessary to do this.

To raise your consciousness you must positively withdraw your attention from the picture for the time being (The Golden Key) and then concentrate gently upon spiritual truth. You may do this by reading the Bible or any spiritual book that appeals to you, by going over any hymn or poem that helps you in this way, or by the use of one or more affirmations. Just as you like.

I know many people have secured the necessary elevation of consciousness by browsing at random through the Bible. A man I know was saved in a terrible shipwreck by quietly reading the 91st Psalm. Another man healed himself of a supposedly hopeless disease by working on the one affirmation, “God is love," until he was able to realize something of what that greatest of all statements must really mean.

If you work with affirmations, be careful not to get tense; but there is no reason why you should not employ all these methods in turn, and also any others that you can think of. Sometimes a talk with a spiritual person gives you just the lift that you need. It matters not how you rise so long as you do rise.

“I bore you on Eagles wings, and brought you onto Myself."

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spirit Responds to You!

“Spirit responds to
your willingness, your readiness,
and your consciousness..”
John Zenkewich

Friday, February 14, 2014

Divine Love and You

“Divine Love always has met and
always will meet every human need”

Mary Baker Eddy-John Zenkewich

I agree with Mary, do you?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Now sung by Emilio Zarris

Enjoy this video a great inspiration for a New Year!

Friday, January 10, 2014

God's ideas are yours, James A. Decker

As you consider your goals, wishes or dreams for 2014 I trust you will find James Decker's words of help.

Here's to your "Year of Radical Living!"

Without any previous experience whatsoever, with nothing to your credit but faith in God, you get the ideas that will change lack to abundance, failure to success, poverty to riches, in harmony to harmony, a dull, humdrum existence to an exciting, thrilling, new way of life.

Try it. Try it right now. Use whatever affirmation you wish to turn your mind to God: "God the good is all there is," or "God is," or "thy will be done." Once you are free of the little, inconsequential, conflicting fragments that habitually pass for thoughts in the minds of most of us, apply your real thoughts consciously to whatever you want to achieve. Perhaps you will get a brilliant, thrilling idea within a few minutes. Perhaps the idea you confidently seek will spring into your consciousness tomorrow morning, after your subconscious mind has put in its work tonight.

All you have to do now, all you ever have to do, is to start thinking, with faith that you are attuned to the infinite mind of God. When you do this you cannot fail; you can only succeed; you can go in only one direction -- forward; your life will know no more of lack, but only prosperity; you will exchange disharmony, worry, envy, fear, and all the other troubling, upsetting emotions for the perfect balance of a life that is in divine order and adjustment. All this you will achieve, because God's ideas are yours.

Friday, January 03, 2014 is a link....

" is a link 
in the spiritual movement begun by Jesus Christ:
Our object is to discern the truth of the teachings
 of Jesus Christ and share them.

The truth we teach is not new;
 Neither do we claim special revelations
Or discovery of new religious principles.
Our purpose is to help and teach mankind
to use and prove, 
The eternal truth taught by the Master."
John Zenkewich

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy New Year! This is the Year!

This Is The Year
by Russell Kemp

Wonderful, wonderful, fortunate you, 
This is the year that your dreams come true!
 This is the year that your ships come in;
 this is the year you find Christ within. 

This is the year you are glad to live; 
this is the year you have much to give.

This is the year when you know the truth; 
this is the year when you find new youth.

This is the year that brings happiness; 
this is the year you will live to bless.

Wonderful, wonderful, fortunate you, 
this is the year that your dreams come true!