Thursday, June 20, 2013

Do you Realize it?

What does realization mean? When we realize something, what takes place?

Our prayers often follow a pattern of words, we say prayers that we have learned, we repeat words that are dear and familiar to us. But too many times we do not realize the meaning of the words we are repeating; they are not living words to us.

To realize is to conceive vividly as real. The prayer that changes us, that changes our life is the prayer that goes beyond the repetition of words, beyond thinking about God or Truth to the realization of what the words of prayer represent. It is to go beyond thinking or talking about God and life and love and power to the realization of God as life, as love, as power.

To realize the truth is to KNOW ourselves as spiritual beings. It is to KNOW ourselves as one with God. It is to realize, as Jesus realized, that we and the Father, the Source of all, are not separate, but one.

Realization is the result, the product of prayer. We may seem to pray. We may seem to pray and pray without results, but every word of Truth we speak, every affirmation of God's presence and power has its impact on us and works in us to heighten our  awareness, to bring us to the place where we go beyond the words of the prayer or the affirmation to the to the clear, vivid realization.

Prayer is not something that ends with the spoken word, but something that begins with the spoken word to act in us and through us. The realization of the spiritual idea is the birth of the accomplished reality. This is how our good is brought into concrete expression.

As you pray, seek always for a free clear, vivid realization of the Truth that stands behind your words of prayer. Then will the living word become real to you; then will your prayers become filled with power to produce good and perfect results.

 Your assignment this week: Realize it!

from UCH Files