Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What is Scientific Prayer?

Here is an essay from Emmet Fox:

Scientific prayer or spiritual treatment is really the lifting of your consciousness above the level where you have met your problem. If only you can rise high enough in thought, the problem will solve itself. That is really the only problem you have-- to rise in consciousness. The more “difficult” which means more deeply rooted in your thought, is the problem concerned, the higher you will have to rise. What is called a small trouble will yield to a slight rise in consciousness. What is called a serious difficulty will require a relatively higher rise. What is called a terrible danger or hopeless problem, will require a considerable rise in consciousness to overcome it, but that is the only difference.

Do not waste time trying to straighten out your own or other people's problems by manipulating thought, that gets you nowhere, but raise your consciousness, and the action of God will do the rest.
Jesus healed sick people and reformed many sinners by raising his consciousness above the picture they presented. He controlled the winds and the waves in the same way. He raised the dead because he was able to get as high in consciousness as is necessary to do this.

To raise your consciousness you must positively withdraw your attention from the picture for the time being (The Golden Key) and then concentrate gently upon spiritual truth. You may do this by reading the Bible or any spiritual book that appeals to you, by going over any hymn or poem that helps you in this way, or by the use of one or more affirmations. Just as you like.

I know many people have secured the necessary elevation of consciousness by browsing at random through the Bible. A man I know was saved in a terrible shipwreck by quietly reading the 91st Psalm. Another man healed himself of a supposedly hopeless disease by working on the one affirmation, “God is love," until he was able to realize something of what that greatest of all statements must really mean.

If you work with affirmations, be careful not to get tense; but there is no reason why you should not employ all these methods in turn, and also any others that you can think of. Sometimes a talk with a spiritual person gives you just the lift that you need. It matters not how you rise so long as you do rise.

“I bore you on Eagles wings, and brought you onto Myself."